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This site was created with the noble cause of assisting individuals find a charity online so that they may help children around the world who live in poverty.

Often we forget how lucky we are. It is sad when you realize how many children are desperately poor. Children are the hope of the world that often are forgotten. Make a real difference by creating hope for a child that may have none.
You can make a difference, often we don't realize by how much :-). What can amount to a few dollars a month can mean a new life for a child. Please ask yourself what could be more noble than helping a child?

We believe that to sponsor a child is to save one.

Give Generously.

Online Children Charities:

1.) Children International:

Since 1936 Children International's mission has been to help children living in dire poverty. Through the generosity of contributors they provide needy children with a variety of programs and services to meet their basic needs, enhance their human dignity and raise their physical and educational levels in a meaningful, lasting way.

Today they help children in 9 countries - Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, the Philippines and the United States. And through programs in the West Bank/Jerusalem area, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia, giving hope to children affected by extreme poverty.

For just $18 per month, sponsors can help an impoverished child to grow up and get the basic services they desperately need -- medical checkups and treatment, dental care, clothing, school supplies and fees, and so much more.

Children International, Helps give a desperately poor child a hope for a brighter future.

Click Here To Visit.

2.) World Vision Ie: (Part of World Vision International.)

World Vision wants every child to live life in all its' fullness; their prayer for every heart, and a will to make it so. They offer you the opportunity to make a difference, worldwide.

World Vision helps communities, families and their children trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty to overcome difficult circumstances and achieve their dreams of self-sufficiency.

You can help make those dreams come true for a child through a small monthly donation that will change a life for the better.

Click Here To Visit.

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